Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nomenclature rant, again.

Just wondering..

If people refer to "books written by young women for young women" by the rather disparaging term "chick lit", why do we not have a name for those written by young men for young men? Those of the Chetan Bhagat genre, for example?
Drone Tome, anyone? Or maybe, "d**k lit" ?? Hah.

Yeah, sometimes the feminist in me just erupts, and I bristle in annoyance over demeaning terms like the above, and also over the fact that the term "woman" is still often used as a qualifier or adjective... such as woman doctor, woman entrepreneur, woman lawyer, woman writer etc. This subtly gives a message to the subconscious mind that these are rarities or aberrations, and therefore not to be taken quite as seriously as they should be.

Darn it!!
One would think we're still living in the 19th century :-(.