Friday, April 14, 2006

murphy at work again, sigh!

Hmmm, looks like I attracted Mr Murphy with that last post of mine...
(Murphy's thought process on reading it : WHat?!! She has the flu and she's still so full of joie de
whatever?? I must be losing my touch.... I need to work on this some.)

They don't call it Murphy's Law for nothin'.
And so we had a rather disturbing March, and a not-so-great April!!

To paraphrase Plum rather clumsily (am just too grumpy to think of anything original right now), it's like Life handed me strawberries on a silver platter, and one of 'em jumped up and socked me in the eye :-p.
Hmm, on second thoughts, that's a tad too despondent... I don't think I could ever be *that* grumpy!
so how abt...
(apologies to Plum again!) .. Though one couldn't quite call her disgruntled, she was far from being gruntled.
Ah yess.. I think that's about right.

Of course, the silver lining is that I finally posted *something* on this dormant blog of mine...
even if it just turned out to be a vague rant and some awful Plum-plagiarising!

(Oooh thats thrice I used the word "Plum" in this post... we're reeeeally plum-bing the depths today, are we not??!)

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