Thursday, March 06, 2008

All in a dahl's work..

And then we got this Roald Dahl fixation, what a lovely name to pun about with!!
A sample from those mad days:

--Roald dahl's uncle once threw him into the river. And said, mama ka maal, dariya mein dahl. And when he came out covered out in black mud, his uncle said, dahl mein kuch kala hai!

--Did he throw him into the dahl lake by any chance?

--And what did his mom call him?

--Weren't his kids called that? The little dahlings!
--Them too! And his aunt was Aunt Dahlia!

--If Roald was a Spanish tennis player, would he be called Nadahl?

--I love dilly dahllying in office too! Dahl tried to call his aunt once, but the line was busy, so he
redahled and redahled, finally panicked and sent the dahlta force to look for her!

--And they dahlt him rather a blow when they couldn't find his aunt either. Finally he hired a sleuth who found that she was carrying on a dahliance with the maharaja of gopal in new dahli!

--Har de har! On learning this, Dahl was hopping mad. He gathered anatole and rushed to new dahli and found dahlia, and let out a yodahl of joy. The three caught the next flight to dahlas, but by then anatole had already picked up how to use dahlda in cooking!

--And what did they watch on the return flight?
For a few dahlers more!

--(Aside: Say, if Roald was your brother, you'd call him Dahl-da no?)

How dahlighted we were to have met each other!


narendra shenoy said...

Hopped to your site from Cynic's. Enjoyed! So, you're a Wodehouse fan too. *HighFive*

Here's a "Dahl" song. The entire Dahl family is bird watching in Bharatpur sanctuary, and some golden orioles sit on their shoulders. And the song that plays in the background?
"Dahl dahl pe sone ki chidia karti hai basera
Woh Bharat desh hai mera
Woh Bharat desh hai mera


Empress of Blandings said...

Yippee!!!!!!!! *doffing an imaginary hat at you courteously*
Another Wodehouse fan! How capital :)

I roal'd over laughing at your dahlighful little comment, thanks. Looking at your blog now, grinning at the pooh-pooh one. Ee yore a capital blogger, upon my word! :-D

Gravity Eyelids said...

And what if roald played with a popular girl's toy.Would it have been the Barbie Dahl?